Episode 19 w/Josh Savaugeau and Nicolette Fendon

In both beer and music, the Midwest is often unrightfully overlooked or overshadowed by the opposing East and West Coast scenes. We asked Josh Savaugeau and Nicolette Fendon, of the band Midwest, what does it mean to be from the Midwest and what was the significance of them naming their band after the region? They also talk about their experience with beer and in the beer industry, yoga and their love of France, all while convincing Jorge to learn guitar and give biking another chance. If your curious what Midwest (the band) sounds like, we share their song "Bone From Bone" in full at the very end of the episode! Cheers!  

Beer Lineup: 

  • Whiner Beer Le Tub - Wild Farmhouse Ale
  • Central State Brewing Co. Gute Nacht - Farmhouse Stout
  • Brasserie de St-Sylvestre Gavroche - French Red Ale

"Sponsored" by Hamm's - The Beer Refreshing 

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