Episode 18 w/Mike Erickson and Megan Lagesse

On this episode of the Few Brews Podcast, we were fortunate enough to talk to some of Goose Island's finest -- Mike Erickson, Goose Island's Digital Media Manager, and Megan Lagesse, Communications Manager for craft breweries within The High End business unit of Anheuser-Busch (which includes Goose Island).  We spend a good amount of time discussing the culture this Chicago institution has built and grown, Goose Island's role within the Chicago beer community and the Bourbon County Stout craze. The two of them provide a lot of really great insight into what makes this brewery so special. 

Beer Lineup: 

  • Goose Island Madame Rose - Belgian Style Wild Ale w/Cherries
  • Goose Island Fulton & Wood Cream Ale - Cream Ale
  • Moody Tongue Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter - Baltic Porter

"Sponsored" by Newcastle Brown Ale - The One and Only

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