Episode 16 w/Amy Amato and Alysha Daytner

Top 3 things learned on our spookiest episode to-date, ordered from least-spooky to OMG this is actually terrifying: 

  1. When ranking candy, it's okay to talk about chocolate and candy separately.
  2. Amy is married. NO WAY!! Who would have known? 
  3. For the past 10 years, Jorge has been followed around by a shadow figure who haunts him in his sleep.  

Hoppy Halloween!!! [Count Dracula laugh] 

Beer Lineup:

  • Pipeworks Brewing Co. Lizard King - American Pale Ale
  • Pipeworks Brewing Co. Grand Guignol Act 2 - Imperial oatmeal stout w/blueberry and coffee
  • Pipeworks Brewing Co. Grand Guignol Act 3 - Imperial oatmeal stout w/cherries and spices

"Sponsored" by Budweiser - America

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