Episode 15 w/Tara Azzaretti and Margaret Howe

Welcome to Beer Awakenings, a booze-infused conversation with Tara Azzaretti and Margaret Howe about how they went from drinking "cheap shit" (thanks, Margaret) in college to waking up at age 21 with incredibly refined palates for craft beer. Snobs? No way! We've seen them rock a party beer here and there, sometime a few. These two had the fortune of discovering craft beer early in life, through friends in the industry and studying abroad. We also talk to them about their favorite styles (Belgians vs. IPAs), their long history attending Few Brews tastings and marathon running. 

Beer Lineup: 

  • Elysian Space Dust - American IPA
  • Brasserie d'Achouffe  La Chouffe - Belgian strong ale
  • New Glarus Champ Du Blanc - American wild ale

"Sponsored" by Bud Light - Smooth and Refreshing Light Beer

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