Episode 12 w/Jason and Kelli Thompson

On our 12th Few Brews Podcast episode, we sat down with the always wonderful Jason and Kelli Thompson. We had a lot of fun talking to both of them about Germany, their upcoming full-time move to Munich, and the wonderful world of German beer. We're so glad we had the opportunity to chill with these two for a little bit before they make their big move and pumped we'll now have a great excuse to visit Germany... someday [sigh]... someday. 

Beer Lineup:

  • Hofbräu Original - premium lager

  • Spaten Münchner Hell - premium lager

  • Tilmans Biere Das Helle - light lager

  • Tilmans Biere Die Dunkel - dark lager

"Sponsored" by Beck's - Biere Beer