Episode 11 w/Peter Yamashiro and Kristen Rau

This podcast episode has been a long time coming. Back in January, Peter Yamashiro and Kristen Rau graciously invited us into their home and shared a few of their favorite Twin Cities (Minnesota) brews. What we found out... our friends are very (VERY) passionate about the Twin Cities, the Minneapolis/St. Paul divide is real, which is surprising because the area has such friendly breweries, and Hamm's isn't the preferred cheap beer of all Minnesotans... give a guy a heart attack, why don't ya? Cheers, Folks! This is a fun one. 

Beer Lineup:

  • Summit Brewing Company EPA - extra pale ale
  • Indeed Brewing Company Day Tripper - pale ale
  • Surly Brewing Co. Coffee Bender - coffee brown ale
  • Surly Brewing Co. Nein - Imperial smoked dunkelweizen 

"Sponsored" by Grain Belt - The Friendly Beer

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