Bonus Episode: "Sponsor" Beer Ads 1-10

Started with Budweiser, now we're here. After releasing 10 Few Brews Podcast episodes, we thought it would be a good time to have a little fun (well, a little more fun) and release all of the "sponsor" ads we've recorded so far in a wonderfully, uhhh, "creative" bonus episode. 

Ad Lineup:

  • Episode 1: Budweiser "Hello, Everybody" Ad
  • Episode 2: Dos Equis "Most Interesting Dad in the World" Ad
  • Episode 3: Miller Lite "Beer Chimp" Ad
  • Episode 4: Corona "Hide! War Beach!" Ad
  • Episode 5: Old Style "Beer Man!" Ad
  • Episode 6: Lone Star "Time is an Empty Can" Ad
  • Episode 7: Michelob Ultra "We Call Ourselves the..." Ad
  • Episode 9: Miller High Life "It's HIGH LIFE!!!" Ad
  • Episode 10: Stella Artois "All I Want for Christmas is Brews" Ad