That New New Tee

"You can look all over but no, you'll never find, hot shit like mine. Cause I provide, that new new." - Kid Cudi

The Few Brews team is at it again, back with a new Tee. The maroon design, printed on grey tri-blend Canvas brand tees, pulls and rearranges elements from our original logo in a new and simplified way. The tee itself is lightweight, very soft and preshrunk. 

That New New Tee: $25 

Like all of our merch, That New New Tee can be purchased at any of our tastings. If you can't make it to a tasting and want to make sure you get a tee, email with your size. We'll do our best to work something out. 

Photos were taken by Jason Amen at Capone's Liquor

"Capone's is the liquour store I hit up most frequently when I'm looking for a reliable selection of craft beer from around the country and the freshest beer being brewed in Chicago. One of my new favorite breweries, Mikerphone Brewing, makes deliveries to Capone's the same day they finish bottling. It's insane how fresh their beers are. Pulling up to the store, located in a pretty bleak Chicago strip mall on Elston just north of Addison, you wouldn't think to yourself, 'man, this place is going to have an amazing beer selection,' but you walk in and it's heaven to someone who loves beer." - Tommy Crawford, Founder of Few Brews