He wasn't

really drunk.


He just had 

a few brews.

Welcome to the

Few Brews Beer Club


You stockpile all of these amazing brews and rarely find "the right time" to drink them. We think we might be able to help you out with this problem you've found yourself in. Beer If You Please or Bière S'il Vous Plaît, if you want to get all fancy on us (don't get all fancy on us), is our invite-only quarterly bottle exchange. 

This is our opportunity to sit back and relax with a few of our closest friends and biggest supporters. The rules are fairly simple. Bring a bomber or a 4-pack of any style beer to share, and be prepared to let us know why you are excited to try them. We'll provide snacks and bring a few of our own brews as well.


Beer In A Glass is our bread and butter, what we've been doing from the very beginning. We start by tasting and talking about four unique beers. After the tasting portion of the event is over, you are provided two full servings of your favorite beer from the sampling. As always, we provide the brews, the venue, the tunes and the company so that we can trade notes about what we like, what we don't, and what we want to try next.

What you can expect:
-Four 4 oz. beer samples
-Two party beers (it gets the people going)
-Two full servings of your favorite beer we sampled
-Food to snack on


We believe, beer is more about the experiences had while drinking beer (over beer) than the beer itself. It's the people, places and ramblings that make a great beer memorable.

Few Brews Over Beer is a continuation of our story. Through audio and written content, we'll be sharing our thoughts on what we're seeing in the beer industry, stories about the places we visit and interviews with the people we meet along the way. 


People, places and Ramblings


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