What Gose Around (with Amy Amato and Alysha Daytner) Over Beer

We're brewing a beer for our Beer in a Glass: Future Is FemALE event on May 13th and fortunate enough to have our good friends Amy and Alysha helping out with its recipe and production. Over beer, I sat down with both of them and talked about our brew, What Gose Around, and what makes a good beer brand — from their willingness to experiment to unique labels to reflective taprooms. It's always a pleasure chatting with these two and we're super excited about the beer we've been brewing. 

If you'd like to taste What Gose Around, you can purchase a ticket to our Future Is FemALE Beer in a Glass event here. We also have a donation option on the ticket page, if you can't make it to the event but still want to support Planned Parenthood of Illinois. We hope to see you there!