Samantha Lee (Hopewell Brewing Co.) Over Beer

Hopewell Brewing Co. has quickly become a favorite location for us at Few Brews and for many Logan Square locals since the brewery opened their doors last February. The combination of delicious beer and the brewery's beautiful taproom create one of the best places to grab a beer while spending time with friends.

As a big fan of the brewery, it was a great pleasure to sit down for an interview with Hopewell's Co-founder Samantha Lee. Over beer, Samantha and I had a conversation about how Hopewell got started, their love of collaborating with local businesses and organizations, and how they're using their taproom to build a community around beer, with an emphasis on community. It was a fun interview with great insight from Samantha into the brewery and the culture Hopewell is building within Chicago's craft beer industry. 


Jorge Lopez