Jess Reiser (Burial Beer Co.) Over Beer

With more breweries per capita than any other city in the United States, Asheville, North Carolina is a beer drinker's paradise. Most of the breweries are located in the city's South Slope neighborhood, with no more than a half mile walk between each of them. It's insane. One of those breweries, my favorite of the bunch, is Burial Beer Co.

This past weekend, I took a trip down to Asheville with one of my best buds and the Co-Founder of Few Brews Beer Club, Dylan Nelson. While there, the two of us had an opportunity to share a beer with Jess Reiser, Burial's Co-founder, and chat about how the brewery celebrates both life and death, their past and future and what it means to live in Asheville. We got to the brewery promptly at 4:00 PM, when they open on Mondays. By the end of the interview, the patio was full and our voices were on the verge of getting lost in the crowd, a testament to both the popularity of Burial and the drinkers in Asheville.