Grant Pauly (3 Sheeps Brewing) Over Beer

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Jack Muldowney and, among other things, chatted a little bit about his recent work on the 3 Sheeps Brewing rebranding. Jorge and I stopped by the brewery over the weekend for the launch of the new brand and their 5 Year Anniversary Party. It was a blast and great to see some of Jack's work up close and featured heavily throughout the taproom and production facility! 

Grant Pauly, Founder and Brewmaster of 3 Sheeps Brewing, stopped by Few Brews HQ this past Tuesday for a quick interview. Over the brewery's delicious Barrel Aged Paid Time Off beer, we we discussed the success and growth of the brewery over the past 5 years, the new brand and what it means to brew with heart and science. Grab a cold one, plug in your headphones and enjoy our latest chat over beer, with Grant Pauly.