Doug Dayhoff (Upland Brewing Co.) Over Beer

Photo by  Jason Amen

Photo by Jason Amen

This past weekend, a few buddies and I took a beer trip out to Indiana. I'll be posting a written story about the entire trip next Tuesday (3/21), which will feature photos and go into more detail about our entire experience in "The Crossroads of America." Stay tuned for updates.

We met Doug Dayhoff, the president of Upland Brewing Co., on the second day of our trip while visiting the brewery in Bloomington. Generously, he spent a couple hours of his day showing us around their facilities and talking about how the brewery has grown since opening in 1997 and, even more so, since he took over as President in 2006. Over beer, we had an opportunity to ask him about his thoughts on sours, why Upland decided to showcase their sours in both distribution and their brand new tasting room The Wood Shop and what people should expect when they come to Upland and Bloomington for a brewery visit. 

Truthfully, the three of us could have sat and chatted with Doug all day. He's a down-to-earth dude who has worked hard to grow Upland Brewing Co. from brewpub to production brewery to a destination for some of America's best sours. Grab a beer, take a listen and let us know when you're going to head on down to Bloomington to experience the brewery in person. There's a good chance we'll join you.