Dee Stecco and Craft Peak Over Beer


It wasn't until Dylan and I had an opportunity to hang out with Dee Stecco (@beerliveshere) and the Craft Peak dudes, Julien Melissas and Zaq Suarez (actually probably raised by wolves), did we begin to understand what Asheville was about. As Jess Reiser said on our last episode, people who live in Asheville are there because Asheville is where they want to live. It's a small collaborative community of makers, artists and entrepreneurs. 

Over beer, Dylan and I chatted with the three of them about what it takes for breweries to not only peak consumers' interest in this highly competitive market, but also amass a loyal following. Dee told us about her creative process and unique style when taking pictures of beer, and Julien and Zaq shared a few stories about the projects they have in the works and people they've met in the industry. 

We very much appreciate the time Dee, Julien and Zaq spent chilling with us and showing us around Asheville!