Beer Under Glass Over Beer

Beer Under Glass (BUG) is annual kick-off of Chicago Craft Beer Week, organized by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild. Held at Garfield Park Conservatory, over 120 Illinois-based breweries and all of their biggest fans gathered to celebrate the hard work, success and innovation driving this industry. If you live in Chicago and consider yourself a beer person, this is an event you don't want to miss. 

Jorge, Jason and I spent the night tasting through a lot of the beer offered at the event and catching up with friends we've met "over beer." On this episode of the podcast, we each rank our top three beers tasted at the event and chat about our overall experience. Here's our list of brews: 

Number 3

All three of us: Brickstone Brewery - Cherry Bomb

Number 2

Jorge: Mikerphone Brewing - Softly Spoken Lies

Tommy: Pollyanna Brewing Company - Kiwi Allure

Jason: Black Horizon Brewing Company - Swimmers Ear

Number 1

Jorge: Hop Butcher for the World - Galaxy Bowl

Tommy: Dovetail Brewery - Maibock

Jason: Mikerphone Brewing - Softly Spoken Lies

Jason was also there with his camera, capturing the beers we were drinking, beauty of Garfield Park Conservatory and spirit of the event. If you dig the pics featured in this post, make sure to follow him on Instagram (@jibasaur). The dude is doing some incredible work.