About Few Brews

Few Brews Beer Club started as two friends taking on a list of “100 Craft Beers Every Beer-Lover Should Drink.” One logo, several Kanye lyrics, and many, many beers later, it has grown into a gathering where beer lovers can explore new styles, swap recommendations, and raise a glass or a few to the craft.

Beer these days — it’s not just your father’s lager anymore. Walk into a beer store, and you'll find more options than you would've ever imagined ten years ago, everything from wild farmhouse ales to fruit concoctions from abroad. Few Brews is a place for starting conversations about this brave new world.

There are no memberships or secret passwords. Have a couple beers at one of our tastings, and we'll consider you part of the club. Everyone (age 21+) is invited!

The Team


Jorge Lopez

Content/Audio Editor

To the world, Jorge has been the voice of the Few Brews Beer Club as host of the Few Brews Podcast since January 2015. Behind the scenes he works tirelesly (seriously, there are nights he doesn't sleep) editing all of our content, both audio and editorial, expanding the club's reach and brand.

Favorite Local Brewery: Revolution Brewing
Favorite Cheap Beer: Miller High Life
Favorite Rap Lyric: "I instruct you to be the obeyer, a rythm recipe that you'll savor, doesn't matter if you're minor or major. Yes, the Tribe of the game, rythm player, as you inhale like a breath of fresh air."


Finance and Sales Manager

Raised in Money Row (Monroe, MI), the man was destined to work in finance. Matt's expertise in P&L and inherent ability to sling a Koozie has helped the club come into its own as a host and organized group of event planners.

Favorite Local Brewery: Hopewell Brewing Co.
Favorite Cheap Beer: Rolling Rock
Favorite Rap Lyric: "She had a big booty, so I called her big booty."

Tommy Crawford


From the very beggining, Few Brews Beer Club has been a passion project, driven by Tommy's creativity and thirst (usually literal) for a better understanding of beer and its industry. The club has become a place for him to grow his skills in design, marketing and the occasional dad joke; and he uses them to grow our following IRL and on social media.

Favorite Local Brewery: Hop Butcher for the World
Favorite Cheap Beer: Hamm's
Favorite Rap Lyric: "He wasn't really drunk, he just had a few brews."

People We Work With

Dylan Nelson


Jason Amen


Brady Knippenberg